About us- Team RobertMening!

Our team, whom all have over 15 years of industry experience, have built more than 300 webpages and 75 online stores. Robert, who is our newest team member, has extensive knowledge on working with different website builders, content management systems and hosting providers. His most notable project was creating a webpage about WordPress and website building, which became one of the top referred sites. Unfortunately he was forced to quit his job.

In Spring 2019, we decided to join forces with Robert and establish 2 non-profit websites                                                    websitesetup-robertmening.com and robertmening.comThe purpose of these sites is to guide and offer support to clients who are about to venture into creating their own first webpage, online store or a blog. All the reviews are based on our experience and on factual performance of the service providers

Why we created websitesetup-robertmening.com?

Another reason why we decided to collaborate and create these websites is to share the knowledge and know-how. There are a lot of people who would otherwise spend thousands of dollars hiring web developers and designers, but with our support, these fees can be avoided.

By following our WordPress step by step instructions, you would do the same work we do, when we created websites to our customer – only you can save money and do it for FREE.

We would like you to invite you to read further and please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions!

Please feel free to drop us an email at info@robertmening.com and we will contact you as soon as possible. While our social media accounts are being restored, please contact us via the email only

Team of RobertMening

Advertiser Disclosure

We earn a commission if you end up purchasing products and services through our referral links in this guide. This is how we keep websitesetup-robertmening.com & robertmening.com up and running and there are no extra costs to you at all.
Thanks for your support!